Mystery Boxes Reverse Raffle!

If you took part in our last giveaway, you know we like when things get bigger! And these prizes are definitely larger than the first ones we gave away ;P We have got 4 prizes to raffle off, each with a varying value ($25, $60 , $75 & $200 CAD) All 4 prizes are completely different from one another.

This Mystery Box Reverse Raffle opens on February 9th 2021 , and will end on March 11th 2021 or until all Seven Hundred and Fifty (750) tickets are claimed. We will draw winners on Friday March 12th 2021, OR on the First Friday/Saturday after all tickets have been awarded.

Now we know what the prizes are and their values, but NOT what each Mystery Box (1, 2, 3 or 4) corresponds to, until we open it right before the draw, so this is a Double Blind Raffle to ensure no bias or hinting whatsoever.

We will be doing a REVERSE RAFFLE for each of these Mystery Box Prizes. Meaning this :

1st we will reveal what the Prize is for that Mystery Box, which was placed in an envelope prior to the beginning of the reverse raffle and taped to the bottom of that box.  When we draw the names, we will randomly pick from each Mystery Box, and place the FIRST ticket in an envelope. The remaining entries will be pulled one by one, disqualifying them from the raffle for that prize and it will come down to the last ticket and the 1st ticket that was placed in the envelope. The name of the account that was on the ticket IN THE ENVELOPE, will win the prize of what that Mystery Box had in it.

Here’s what you need to do to participate and shoot your shot to win some $$$.

Step 1 : Find us on TikTok and make sure you’re following us @NKLoveTribe This is paramount as we cannot message accounts that do not follow us in order to notify you if you are a winner.

Step 2 : Shoot and upload as many videos as you want while the giveaway is running. You do you and have fun with it. But you MUST use the hashtag #NKLoveTribe. This is how we track entries, validate participation in the giveaway and make sure your videos reach the following milestones to qualify for One (1) Ticket , so you can choose what prize you want to go for!

Accounts with 1 to 10.0k followers must have their videos reach 2500 views for 1 ticket!

Accounts with 10.1k to 100 k followers must have their videos reach 7500 views for 1 ticket!

Accounts with upwards of 100.1k followers must have their videos reach 15,000 views for 1 ticket!

This system is to level the playing field for accounts of all sizes, avoids pressuring followers for views and to prevent large accounts from essentially sweeping the board and qualifying for the majority or all of the available tickets, and leaving us lil’ folk with nothing.

Each video can only qualify for 1 ticket. 10 videos that reach the milestones would be 10 tickets

Step 3 : If your posted video reached the above milestones, please send a screenshot of your view count and we will confirm it’s validity. Upon confirmation, we will ask you which Mystery Box (1, 2, 3 or 4) you want your ticket to be entered in.

Step 4 : Most of the time, we go live at 8PM EST, for an hour or two. It’s an opportunity to blow off some steam, listen to some good tunes, make friends and connect safely during this Pandemic and above all else have fun. Anyone who decides NOT to make a video or duet us or simply can not for whatever reason, can alternatively earn an entry by sending the following during our lives ; 1 Entry with a Birthday Cake during our lives, or 2 Entries using a Disco Ball or 4 tickets using a Luxury Candle. There is no maximum of tickets earnable per account, REGARDLESS of entry method (video vs live gifting), so long as there are tickets available. Once all 750 are spoken for, no more can be awarded.

Step 5 : You decide which Mystery Box you want to use your ticket on. You can do all4 and split it up how you like, or keep doing 1 over and over. Doesn’t matter to us, you do you. HOWEVER, once a ticket is entered for that Mystery Box Prize, it can NOT be changed, relocated or undone. Once it’s in, it’s in. ( That’s what she said 😀 )

Step 6 : The giveaway will end either on March 11th 2021, OR once all tickets have been spoken for. We will then reveal results live and communicate with the winners via DM. Remember when we said to follow us? That’s because we can not send messages to people who aren’t our friends on TikTok, so make sure you follow step 1 all the way through.

And finally, the legalities. No purchase necessary, must be 18+ to participate, odd of winning vary based on the total number of entries. Skill testing question may be required.  No purchase necessary.

Have fun and Good Luck 🙂